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What treatments do people get on a Costa Rica dental vacation?

Costa Rica dental prices might be worth the trip

Simply put, the most common treatments are the ones where people can save the most money. Patients typically travel to Costa Rica for dental implants, veneers, crowns, and some other cosmetic dentistry and restorative work.

A filling might be $100 cheaper in Costa Rica but those savings alone won't cover the cost of your flights and travel expenses. That said, you can still bundle smaller treatments like fillings, cleanings, and extractions to make the trip financially worthwhile.

Now you'll find information on some of the most popular treatments for dental tourists. Following this, you can get an idea of Costa Rica dental prices.

Costa Rica dental implants

Implants are easily the most expensive way to get replacement teeth, but they are also the longest-lasting. Even if you just need one implant, you could save money by traveling to Costa Rica, but if you need several or even a full-mouth restoration, the low Costa Rica dental costs will make the savings even greater.

The following news report follows one lady who was quoted $55,000 to fix her teeth in Florida. In the end, Costa Rica teeth implants cost just $22,000.

Remember that it takes two or three visits over several months to have implants fitted. You'll need to factor in the cost of multiple visits when working out if it's worth traveling overseas. You can read more about dental implants and the fitting procedure here.

If you are getting dental implants in Costa Rica, check that you're being treated by a qualified prosthodontist. This specialism involves several years' extra training during which the dentist focuses on replacement teeth and restorations to the mouth and jaw. Not all dentists who advertise their services for implants carry this qualification, so it's best not to make any assumptions.


All-on-4 implants replace all your upper or lower teeth

Another Costa Rican dental treatment offering, and a quicker alternative to traditional implants, is All-on-4 implants. These replace a full arch of teeth using just four or six implants supporting a set of dentures. Temporary dentures can be placed at the first visit, earning them the name “teeth in a day”. You then return a few months later for your permanent teeth.

Getting All-on-4 implants in Costa Rica means one less visit to the dentist than traditional implants, plus the treatment itself is cheaper because it involves fewer implants. However, we recommend reading our guide to All-on-4 to discover all the pros and cons of this treatment.

Veneers in Costa Rica

Costa Rica dentistry also offers plenty of cosmetic treatments as well, such as veneers. If your teeth are healthy but you don't like the way they look, you might be considering veneers in Costa Rica. These thin covers are placed onto existing teeth to improve their esthetic appearance.

The cost of veneers in Costa Rica will depend on the type and material you choose. Composite veneers are less expensive than porcelain but they don't last as long. Read more about veneers to discover which type is right for you, and to decide if the lower cost of veneers in Costa Rica will make it worth the trip.

Other dental work in Costa Rica

Save money on various dentistry in Costa Rica like crowns

Lower dental costs in Costa Rica don't just apply to implants and veneers. Dental crowns are another popular treatment for people traveling to Costa Rica, with possible savings of hundreds of dollars per crown. Often a crown is recommended after root canal treatment to preserve the tooth for as long as possible.

It might take a couple of weeks to get a crown made in the US, but here they are usually processed in just a day or two. Did you know that's because US dentists often order dental prostheses from labs in Mexico and Costa Rica? However, some dentists use 3D printing technology to make crowns while you wait.

Costa Rica cosmetic dental work is a highly sought-after procedure. Options for cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica include laser teeth whitening and smile makeovers. Costa Rica cosmetic dentists are often able to do a wide range of procedures, so you may want to bundle to save even more. Additionally, you can rest assured knowing that cosmetic dentists in Costa Rica use state-of-the-art equipment and often adhere to American Dental Association rules and regulations.

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