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Why does Costa Rica dental treatment cost less?

Updated: Feb 5

Whether it's for medically-necessary or cosmetic dental in Costa Rica, the dental tourism market is very competitive. This means that dentists and clinics that want to stay ahead must offer great service and prices while maintaining high standards of care and hygiene.

The lower cost of dental work in Costa Rica is not a reflection of lower quality, but more the lower cost of living. If dentists in Costa Rica have reduced costs in terms of building rental, wages, taxes and other overheads then they can afford to offer their services for less. These economic factors mean they also earn much smaller salaries than dentists in the US.

You'll find that many Costa Rica dental clinics are equipped with the same cutting-edge technology and equipment used by US dentists, even though the cost of dental work in Costa Rica is much lower. Dental work in Costa Rica is no doubt way cheaper than US clinics. We would ask you to fill out our contact form and we will get you a complete detailed quote with no surprises.

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